Reply via email to any ZipMessage conversation

Did you know that you can (and your respondents) can reply via email to any ZipMessage email notification?

Yep — You can reply to the email notification using whatever email tool you use (Gmail, Apple Mail, MS Office, iPhone Mail, Android Mail, or any other email client).

When you reply to a ZipMessage via email, the text in your reply becomes a text message posted to the ZipMessage conversation, with you as the author.  Others in the conversation will be notified of your reply, just like they normally do whenever a new message is posted to the conversation.

If you want to find or bookmark the reply-to email address for any ZipMessage conversation, you can find it one of two ways:

  • Simply look at the reply-to email address shown on any email notification from a ZipMessage conversation
  • Look at the ZipMessage conversation settings panel > advanced settings to find the email address for this conversation where replies can be sent to,

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