What is ZipMessage?

Perhaps someone share a "ZipMessage" link with you to start a message thread?

Or perhaps you landed here when searching the web?

As a quick explainer:  ZipMessage is a software product used by coaches, clients, remote teams and others.  It's primarily used for swapping messages "asynchronously" (send and receive on your own time), using video, audio, text, or attachments.

It's also used to power coaching programs, sell coaching products, create and run coaching courses, small communities, and more.

Are you a registered ZipMessage user?

You might already be registered (with a login) to ZipMessage.  There are a few types of users in ZipMessage:


If someone sent you a ZipMessage link to a message or conversation, and you sent back a reply message in that conversation, you were likely prompted to enter your name and email so that you can be notified of followup responses.  After filling in those details, you were emailed a password that you can use to log in and see all the conversations shared with you. 

As a respondent, you can post responses to conversations shared with you.  However,  you don't own your own ZipMessage account for creating your own conversations and programs.

Account owners

If you've signed up for an account on our homepage (zipmessage.com), then you own your own ZipMessage account, which you can use to create conversations and message with anyone you want.  You can also use it to build and sell out programs and run groups and communities.

If you initially registered for ZipMessage as a respondent, you may have clicked through the link from within the app to open your own ZipMessage account as an account owner.

Account team members

Accounts can invite team members.  Perhaps you received a team member invite from your coworker.  If so, then you would be prompted to accept the invite and set your password, then access conversations within the account you were invited to.

For more info about ZipMessage and to open your own ZipMessage account, head over to zipmessage.com.

Looking for quick answers and guideance on using ZipMessage?   Browse our guides in our knowledge base at kb.zipmessage.com.

Or send us any questions you have using the contact link on this page.

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