Integrate ZipMessage with Zapier

As of this writing, the ZipMessage Zapier integration is currently invite-only. To get access to it, simply follow this link:

Access the ZipMessage Zapier integration here »

Instructions for accessing ZipMessage on Zapier:

  1. Log into your Zapier account.
  2. Follow our Zapier invite link
  3. Create a new Zap
  4. For the trigger app, search for “ZipMessage”. Our beta Zapier app should show up. Or if you want to use ZipMessage as an “action” step, you can search for it there too.
  5. When configuring the ZipMessage step in your Zap, it will prompt you to connect using the Zapier API Key provide on the integrations page in ZipMessage.

You can use Zapier to connect ZipMessage to thousands of popular apps.  It's the most flexible and powerful way to integrate... anything!  And ZipMessage has a first class Zapier integration that has everything you need to make full use of Zapier.

Connect your ZipMessage account to Zapier

Once you've gained access to the ZipMessage Zap, you can create a new Zap and search for "ZipMessage" when adding a trigger or an action, then select it.

Zapier will launch a popup, which asks you to input your ZipMessage API key.  To find your API key, log into your ZipMessage account > Settings > Integrations > Click "Connect to Zapier", then click "Copy" on the API Key field.  This will copy your API key to your clipboard, so you can paste it into the field in Zapier's popup.

Now your ZipMessage account is connected and ready to use in all of your Zaps!

Using ZipMessage as a "Trigger" for Zapier Zaps

When you select ZipMessage as the first step in a Zap, that means ZipMessage will be the "trigger" that makes this Zap run.

You can trigger a new Zap when any of these occur in ZipMessage:

  • A new conversation has been created
  • A new message has been created

Note:  New conversations can be created from within your ZipMessage account or via one of your intake pages.  Any of these would cause a new conversation to be created, which would trigger the "New Conversation" trigger in Zapier.

All of the data from the conversation or message will be passed into Zapier for you to make use of in future steps in this Zap.

Using ZipMessage as an "Action" in Zapier Zaps

Whenever you use ZipMessage in any other steps in a Zap other than the very first step, ZipMessage would be an "action" step.  That means, some action will be taken in your ZipMessage account.  These can include:

  • Create Conversation - Creates a new, empty conversation, which can receive new messages posted to it.
  • Create Message - Creates a new text-only message in any conversation.  If a Conversation ID wasn't specified, then ZipMessage will automatically create a new conversation along with this new message as the first message in this new conversation.
  • Update Conversation - You can add this step after any other ZipMessage step that outputs a Conversation ID.  Then you can specify this Conversation ID here and update any other attributes on this Conversation, such as changing its title, it's URL slug, assign team members, apply tags, etc. 

Find an existing ZipMessage conversation in a Zapier Zap

If a conversation already exists and you want a Zapier Zap to find that conversation and do things with it (such as update it or add new messages into it), you can use the Find Conversation action in your Zap.

The Find Conversation action lets you find an existing conversation using 1 of 2 methods:

  • Find by Slug (exact)
    If you specify the exact slug of a conversation, that conversation and its data will be returned.  The conversation slug is the last section of a conversation's URL.  For example, if the conversation URL path is .../account-name/hello-world, then hello-world is the slug.
  • Find by Title (contains)
    If you specify a word(s) that are contained within the title of a conversation, then that conversation and its data will be returned.  If multiple conversations' titles contain this string of text, then it will return the one that was most recently created.

Using Zapier to trigger a workflow on a ZipMessage conversation

If you want to automatically apply a workflow on a conversation that is created via Zapier (using the "Create Conversation" Zapier action), the follow these steps:

  1. Choose an intake page in your ZipMessage account to create the workflow.  It can be your primary intake page or any secondary intake page.
  2. Build the workflow in the intake page settings.  This essentially means that any conversation created via this intake page will get this workflow automatically applied.
  3. In Zapier, when setting up the "Create Conversation" action, use the "Intake Page" dropdown to select the intake page where you've set the workflow.
  4. Now, when a conversation is created via the Zap, it will be as if the conversation was created via that intake page—effectively applying that intake page's workflow to this new conversation.

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