Intake Page(s) in ZipMessage

Every ZipMessage accounts gets their own Intake Page.

Your Intake Page is a special public page, with an easy-to-remember URL, where others can record and send messages to you. When someone sends a message via your intake page, it starts a new conversation in ZipMessage.

By default, only the person who submitted the message and you (the account owner or team members in your account) will see the conversation that was created when someone submits a message in your intake page. In other words, when you share your intake page with multiple people, those people do not see each others' messages.

Your primary vs secondary intake page(s)

Your ZipMessage account starts with a single Intake Page, which we call your primary Intake Page. Your primary intake page is visible at URL which uses your account URL slug.  For example:  zipmessage .com/your-account-slug

You can create additional intake page(s), which we refer to as secondary intake pages. The URLs for secondary intake pages add onto your primary zipmessage URL. For example: zipmessage .com/your-account-slug/intake-page-b.

See these important notes about changing your account slug.

Embed an Intake Form on your own website

For more info on how to embed an intake form, see here:
Embed an intake page form on your website & domain

Success page redirects after intake page submissions

After someone submits a message via your intake page(s), you have 3 options for where they are sent:

  • (default) The user is direct straight into the new conversation that was started, with their message as the first message in the thread.
  • You can direct the user to a clean "success" page hosted on ZipMessage. You can set your own headline and content for this page.
  • You can redirect the user to a custom URL.

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