Create & share a conversation

Once you're logged in, simply click "New Conversation"

Your first conversation has been created!

Next you can post your first message to it uing the recording interface.  Choose from recording your screen, your camera, your microphone (audio only) and/or write some text.

Ready to share this conversation with someone?  Click the  "Share" button to open those options.

You can set your conversation "Anyone with the link can view" so that anyone you share the link with can view it and/or post messages to it.

Now you can share that conversation link with anyone so they can join your conversation!  They won't need to download or install anything to record and post their message.

You can control whether you'd like to let them post anonymously, or require them to register their name and email address so that they get notified when another message is posted into this conversation.

Prefer to keep this conversation private and invite-only?  No problem.  Set it to "Private" and then head over to the "People" tab.  That's where you can send invitations to others who you'd like to invite to respond to this conversation.

Those people will receive an email (which you can customize), and it will include a link for them to accept and register their password in ZipMessage.  Once they do that, they'll be taken into your conversation to respond.  

The people you sent invitations to will be given Respondant accounts in ZipMessage, which are free, and allow them to respond to conversations they've been invited to.

And that's how to start your first conversation in ZipMessage!

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