Intake Page(s) in ZipMessage

Every ZipMessage accounts gets their own Intake Page.  Your Intake Page is a special public page, with an easy-to-remember URL, where others can start record messages and start new conversations with you or your team.  You can also create multipl Intake Pages to use for different purposes.

Your primary Intake Page

Your ZipMessage account starts with a single Intake Page, which we call your primary Intake Page.

You can customize the URL slug for this Intake Page to be your name, or your company or brand.  If it's still available, it's yours for the lifetime of your ZipMessage account!  For example:

To customize your primary Intake Page URL, go to "Intake Pages" > edit your primary Intake Page > customize the URL slug and save settings.

Important notes about changing your primary Intake Page URL slug:

  • Once you change it, the old slug you had is now available for someone else to take.
  • Your primary Intake Page slug is part of the URLs for all of your conversations.  If you change your primary Intake Page slug, all of your conversations URLs will change as well.  Conversation URLs follow this structure:
  • The same is true of your secondary Intake Pages (more on these below).  If your primary Intake Page URL changes, then your secondary Intake Page URLs will change as well.

Adding additional Intake Pages

There could be times when you'd like to have multiple Intake Pages for different purposes.  For example:

  • If your company has multiple departments (sales, support, hiring, etc.) and you want to share different destinations for inbound conversations for each.
  • If you want to have a personal Intake Page, completely separate from your company's Intake Page.

There two ways to add additional Intake Pages in ZipMessage:

Option 1:  Use ZipMessage's secondary Intake Pages feature (premium only)

You can add additional, secondary Intake Pages.  These are good if your company has multiple departments (sales, support, hiring, etc.) and you want to give each their own Intake Page to take inbound messages.  All of these messages then feed into your company's ZipMessage account, and can be sorted and filtered using tags.

To add a secondary Intake Page, go to "Intake Pages" > "Add a Intake Page"

Secondary Intake Pages are part of your single ZipMessage account.  The URL slugs for your secondary Intake Pages follow this format:

Multiple Intake Pages on a single ZipMessage account is a feature that's available on the premium plan.

Option 2:  Open multiple ZipMessage accounts, each with their primary Intake Page

If you want to have multiple Intake Pages, each totally separate, and each with a short, personal URL, then opening 2 or more ZipMessage accounts.  You can easily switch between multiple ZipMessage accounts without having to log out and log back in.

This option is good if you want to keep your personal ZipMessage conversations and shareable Intake Page totally separate from your company's ZipMessage conversations and Intake Page(s).

With separate ZipMessage accounts, each would have their own primary Intake Page URLs, like this:,, etc.

Each ZipMessage is billed separately.  If only using the primary Intake Page and no secondary Intake Pages, you could keep these account(s) on the basic plan.

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